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Cool campers we saw at Dubs at the Castle 2011

Dubs at the Castle 2011I’ve already written about how much fun we had as a family at Dubs at the Castle, but much of it has been from a personal level, but of course, there’s only one real reason to go to these shows, and that’s to ogle all the other campers, and so this post will be dedicated to all the cool campers we saw at Dubs at the Castle 2011.

I’m not going to babble on, rather let the pictures speak for themselves. They are in no particular order, and I hope you enjoy looking at them as much we did. The weekend has given us some real inspiration for the upcoming renovations on Addi-Camper, and of course the chance to dream to.
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Dubs at the Castle 2011

Muddy Kids at Dubs at the CastleWhy is it that you can travel somewhere hundreds of miles away and be on time, yet be late for something going on around the corner? Dubs at the Castle is held at Caldicot Castle, less than 20 miles from our home, yet we were late getting up, late leaving and then got stuck in traffic! Oh well, at least the sun is shining for our next campervan adventure and our first VW show in the bus.

It’s a pleasant enough drive, especially once we get off the M4 at Caldra, at least until we hit Caldicot and miles of campervans queuing to go into the show. At least we have plenty to look at with all the other campers lining up, and Ed comments that at least it’s still dry, three seconds before a single drop of rain hits the windscreen.

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Packing for Dubs at the Castle 2011

Caldicot CastleWe’re finally starting the long school holidays this week and the weekend we’ve been looking forward to is finally here! It’s Thursday and tomorrow we’re off to our first ever VW show in the campervan. It’s time to pack for Dubs at the Castle as we’re off on our next campervan adventure.

Now June was gorgeous, but it’s been a little showery since the summer kicked in for good so wellies are going to be essential for the weekend at Caldicot Castle. It’s only down the road from us, so no travelling but it should feel a million miles away by the time we get there!

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